Write about the company you select for your project, explaining why you chose that company.

For my final project I would like to create a product for Nike. What made me want to do my project on Nike is because I have always been interested in playing sports, mainly for fun, and exercising. I am also fascinated by the fact that Nike was able to make their logo such a globally recognized symbol. It is also amazing to me how Nike has been able to remain on top all these years despite the number of competitors that have been entering the market. Nike is a brand with a huge following of consumers, athletes, and sporting organizations.

Think of a new product your chosen company could launch.

My idea for Nike would be to incorporate a step/mile tracker into their shoes. The tracker would most likely be located inside the heal of the shoe, and would have to be water, sweat, and dirt protected. The tracker would be paired with an app where users can easily track the number of steps and miles ran, walked, jogged, biked, etc. Everything that is recorded by the tracker in the shoe would be stored and saved in the app, this way when consumers need to purchase new shoes they will not lose all their exercise data.
The features that I would incorporate in the app would be the ability for users to track the path of their workout in real time, and the trail would be “highlighted” in a map. Another feature would be the ability for users to share their workouts with friends and/or other users. There would also be a feature where users could challenge each other on distance, time, etc. The app would be available for both Android and Apple users and would have a feature to allow users to create their own profile. The app would even give users the ability to design their own character. I know that the biggest challenge for people to workout is the lack of motivation. In order to get more people to exercise I would also add a feature that would make working out something like a game. After each workout users would get a certain number of “experience points” and they could “level up” their character. There would be various badges and awards that users could win based on distance, duration, each time their character “levels up,” etc.


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