Marketing Perspective

What do you notice about this type of marketing?

The type of marketing that was featured in the article from 60 minutes focused on branding, visual identity and spontaneity. This new trend is exploding on mobile devices, and is primarily set off by young people who have attracted a large number of fans and followers on various social media networks (Whitaker, 2016). In today’s technologically advanced society it is becoming increasingly common for these every day unscripted moments to find their way into the lives of consumers. Sometimes the ideas lead to moments that go viral across all networks within hours of the original posting. There are times where companies, influencers, consumers, etc. will capture something that was entirely unplanned. However, the content meshes with the message, tone, or mood of the brand, product, service, etc. and the company will continue to roll with it.

This new marketing trend not only provides companies with PR they may not normally receive, but it also boosts their own social media presence. The influencers mentioned in the article such as Logan Paul and King Bach are able to develop a good feel for what their audience would want to see, as well as the timings of their postings. As a result these influencers have been able to create some of the best content out of sheer spontaneity and improvising. Organizations have quickly realized the value that influencers can provide, and will reach out to these influencers because they know how to communicate with the desired market the company is trying to reach. The PR that these companies receive from the content created by these influences also increases revenues for those companies.

What strategies are they employing?

Each of the influences that were highlight in the report from 60 minutes has their own process about how their content is created. However, the one thing they have in common is the fact they spend a lot time planning out what will be created and how their audience will react. Ultimately the strategy is about how these companies and brands can create content that influencers can then repurpose in order to move their position from where they currently are to where they want to be. Finding and providing content to key websites and bloggers will allow companies and brands to set up the foundations for wider social media sharing. The influencers in this report follow this strategy exceptionally well by focusing on choices – which forms of creativity they wish to use, which segment of their audience they wish to target, or which resources they wish to use. As a result, these influencers have been able to develop effective and successful strategies. What makes these strategies highly successful is the fact that these influencers share content solely because they are natural entertainers who are unafraid, relatable, and funny.

What role do these influencers play in marketing?

Normally spontaneity and improvising are typically avoided by marketers for various reasons, mainly because they do not know how the message will be received by their audience. This also includes the fact that they are worried the influencer they are using will mess up and cause more harm than good to their brand or company. While traditional PR originally depended on communications that were managed from a central control room, nowadays, the story originates from social media and then the impact is managed by the PR team (Ryan, 2015). One way influencers are able to mitigate this risk when creating their own content is to establish their audience first, and collect data and information in order to better determine how the audience is likely to react depending on the content that is posted. As previously mentioned, the intent of these influencers is to entertain, and in some cases even educate, which makes understanding their audience all the more important.

Once the influencers have an understanding of their audience, they will be better positioned to incorporate trending topics into their content creation. Not only that but this also allows companies to contact these influencers to promote their brand or company in the content they share while simultaneously incorporating trending topics. The benefit provided by influencers allows companies to build relationships with these influencers and advocates, and as a result allows them to amplify their message (Ryan, 2015).However, much like certain characteristics, attributes, etc. do not apply to all consumers, the content created by these influencers do not apply to all audiences either. This is also why it is important, not only for companies to remain current on trending topics, but influencers much remain up to date as well.

How does the use of marketing perspective impact the relationship between the company and the consumer?

Traditionally when marketers would create a campaign or storyline that works for their company or brand, they like to have adequate research performed ahead of time in order to develop a better marketing perspective. This way the company executives will have ample time to confirm the content does not feature any controversial content, or no controversial messages could be derived from the content. Companies go through this process because much like influencers can cause accidental harm based on their own content, companies can accidently create content that does more harm than good. However, with the increase in the amount of spontaneous and improvised content that is becoming increasingly common, more and more companies are slowing moving away from the traditional format and into this new way of content creation. What is also influencing this change is the fact that consumers cannot seem to get enough of this type of content.

As companies begin realizing that consumers enjoy this type of content, they will slowly become more open to the idea of working with these influencers to continue having them promote the company and brand. PR has traditionally relied on building rapport and developing lasting relationships, social media has provided a means for directly communicating to the people who matter (Ryan, 2015). Overall the relationship between the company, product, or service should be unique for each brand. The company, product, or service should maintain their own “personality” if companies hope for consumers to purchase their products or services.


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