Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

Whirlpool: Consumer-Driven Social Media

What was done successfully to meet the wants and needs of the target audience?

Whirlpool is a company that strives to create advanced technology in ways that consumers want and need. Before when people would engage with Whirlpool, it was due to product complaints, however, Whirlpool wanted to evolve the conversation from rational to emotional. In an effort to better meet the wants and needs of their target audience, Whirlpool leveraged Crowdtap to launch their “Every day, Care” campaign nationwide (Shortyawards, 2017). Whirlpool was on a mission to change the negative perception of household chores. While performing tasks like washing, cleaning, and cooking may seem tedious and insignificant, they actually have a far greater impact than most people realize. These everyday household responsibilities play a highly significant role in shaping people’s lives. For example, Whirlpool wanted to prove that clean clothes lead to a decrease in truancy, or that family dinners would develop better reading skills (Brand Leadership).

How was the social and consumer experience addressed? Was this done successfully?

In order to reach their target market, Whirlpool leveraged Crowdtap to build a community of 17 thousand passionate advocates to get the conversation started (Shortyawards, 2017). This was achieved through various forms of digital media including test, images, and video, as well as, cross promotion across paid, earned, and owned media channels (Shortyawards, 2017). During these conversations, Whirlpool discovered which appliances were associated with the chores that had users had developed unpleasant associations with. By searching for ways to keep the conversation going once consumers entered the post-purchase stage, Whirlpool discovered how the use of social media could be used to improve consumers’ post-purchase experience. This included utilizing various social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to communicate tips and inspiration. The campaign was centered on Whirlpool’s microsite – whirlpool.com/everydaycare – which served as a digital library consisting of real stories from real people (Shortyawards, 2017). The microsite also encouraged visitors to the site to share their stories of “Every day, Care.” In order to further spread the campaign message, Whirlpool utilized a paid, earned, and owned media strategy, which subsequently canvassed new broadcast media, digital media, and social promotion (Shortyawards, 2017).  Whirlpool quickly realized that user generated content was the key to ensuring the success of their “Every day, Care” campaign.

How were the digital media followers handled?

Whirlpool took their digital media strategy to the next level by creating a digital community outside of social media. Whirlpool, like many other brands, has learned that the future of marketing is putting consumers at the center of their brand strategy. This is clearly evident in their “Every day, Care” campaign, which struck a chord with numerous consumers who greatly appreciated the inherent authenticity of the brand’s new approach (Shortyawards, 2017). The real consumer stories flooded the brand’s various paid, owned, and earned media channels and inspired an broader wave of consumers to join the conversation. Whirlpool must continue to strive to find and communicate with their customers in order to collect data and information that can then be incorporated into their marketing strategies, both digital and traditional. Digital marketers do not have very long to capture the attention of their target audience, however, Whirlpool’s campaign brought growth to both their social media platforms and sales.

Overall, the social and consumer experience that was created, as well as, how Whirlpool handled their digital media followers, was executed really well. The success of the “Every day, Care” campaign more than delivered the response that Whirlpool was seeking.

Is there something that could have been done differently to make that experience more efficient?

One thing Whirlpool could have done differently that would have made the experience more efficient would be to set up booths or table stands in various locations and engage with every day consumers right off the street. This way the company could reach consumers who did not purchase Whirlpool products, but still provide them the opportunity to take part in the conversation. This would not only allow the company to appear more relatable to more consumers, but could also serve as a means of increasing brand loyalty and attract more potential customers.

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Image from: https://www.google.com/search?q=Whirlpool&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwit36DdxaLUAhVbHGMKHdriBGEQ_AUICigB&biw=1366&bih=662#imgrc=KhsjohppXaBPcM:


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