Marketing Objectives

Discuss why and how companies use marketing objectives. Include how to align marketing activities with the mission, objectives, and goals of the organization, and the consideration of legal and ethical issues in the development of objectives. Marketing objectives are the statements an organization creates that will establish want the organization wants to achieve from its […]

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Marketing Campaign Evaluation

Evaluation is an important aspect of a marketing campaign. Write a two paragraph blog entry that discusses at least two ways a company could conduct analysis. Include what you think the benefits and drawbacks of each are. When any company releases an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program, it is important to evaluate how successful, or […]

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Preliminary Findings and Limitations: Nike Product Concept

How does the market research you have so far done support your chosen organization’s objectives? Nike’s organizational objectives include bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world, (*If you have a body, you are an athlete), and creating sustainable innovation (About Nike). At Nike the company believes sustainable innovation is a catalyst for […]

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Research Strategy for Farmers

Farmers Insurance is an American insurance group of automobiles, homes, and small businesses, and also provides other insurance and financial services products. Farmers Insurance is very popular with consumers who want the experience of working with an agent to handle all of their insurance needs. These consumers are also generally considered confident planners because these […]

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Rebranding LEGO

For every organization, being able to successful manage their brand image is vital to ensuring the continued success of the organization. The company I analyzed in my discussion was LEGO. LEGO has been able to remain relevant for the past 85 years now. The reason why LEGO was able to achieve this is due to […]

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Write about the company you select for your project, explaining why you chose that company. For my final project I would like to create a product for Nike. What made me want to do my project on Nike is because I have always been interested in playing sports, mainly for fun, and exercising. I am […]

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